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About Wight Economics

Wight Economics is a UK-based firm of consulting economists specialising in a wide range of energy sector economic and financial issues, on a world wide basis. 

We have expertise and experience in energy industry structure, regulation, business strategy, and public policy. 

Wight Economic’s senior staff and associates have worked extensively on regulation, privatisation, and business and public policy matters for government departments, state-owned industries and private sector clients in a wide range of countries and contexts.  We also have extensive experience of working closely with engineers, scientists, lawyers, bankers, and accountants.  In particular, our technical understanding of the energy sector ensures that our advice on commercial and policy issues is both relevant and practical.

We have experience and expertise on the economics of virtually every economic and financial aspect of the electricity industry.  This ranges from the design and development of power contracts and new market structures, bidding procedures for power plants, to new arrangements for settling financial claims between parties.

Our Goals

  • To carry out the highest quality research and analysis.
  • To provide clients with robust findings and recommendations.
  • To present our findings and recommendations in a clear, concise, and persuasive fashion, whether in written or verbal form.


Wight Economics Ltd, Registered in England, No 7071492. Registered Office: 27, Cliff Rd, Cowes, PO31 8BN, United Kingdom